Reviews and Complaints

Plenty of people applying for jobs goes to websites to have their resumes made. You can’t blame anyone for doing so because this is the only way the hiring managers would get to know you. Resume Writers is one of those websites that will come up on the first pages of Google when you try and find people who will write your resume for you. Don’t worry though because we dove deep down into knowing the reviews and complaints so that you will know what you are getting yourself into.


Amazing Background

You have people who have been writing resumes for more than a decade. We all know how there are a lot of things that only experience can teach and you can bet they’ve learned every single one of them. When you look at the profiles of each and every resume writer there, you will be thoroughly impressed with what they can do. When you check out their portfolio, you could move one step closer to hiring these people into doing your dirty work. It is not a secret they are passionate about what they do and they are not shy about showing it.

Easy to Navigate Website

Their website, it is nicely designed. You can tell how they hired some of the best designers that money can buy. Hence, it won’t be that hard to find what you are looking for when it comes to going around the website. It would go to show how much you’ve been wanting this for a while. They sure chose the right colors too along with all the pictures and videos that they chose to put there. It won’t even take you that long to find the Contact Us part so you will know how you can contact them in the nick of time.

Amazing Versatility

It is cool how this website offers to resume writing for not only entry-level applicants but also for those who are already experienced with their work. Managers who have been in the company for a while and looking to shift would be more than happy to avail of their services. Besides, those are the people who have accomplished so much in so little time that they would not know what they get themselves into with all the effort they put into the mix. The company can also write your CVs for you as well as your cover letter. Better let them write everything you need and submit them to the company that you want to apply to.


False Guarantee

They guarantee that you are going to get an interview within one month of submitting the resume that they made. Of course, this would be nearly impossible for them to back up because they can’t really control when the companies are going to call you. Add that to the fact that the companies will need to take their time in browsing through all of the resumes submitted to them until they can come to a conclusion regarding which one they would call in for an interview. Due to the abundance, it may take them weeks or even months before they would get back to you. You will never know if they have a team assigned to that. It is alright to be confident in your abilities but be sure that you would be able to back it up when push comes to shove. If they have tons of bold claims then the lack of positive reviews for them will make you wonder aloud.



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You have to admit the fact that their prices are a bit too high. They are wise enough to not mention too much about it, unlike other companies. You won’t find out until you get a long look at their rates. The rates are not really friendly to students. As a result, you would think twice about hiring them once you see the rates. The good news is that the rates already include the cover letter and LinkedIn profile. It is no secret most hiring managers would go to LinkedIn when they need to find people for their company. Add that to the fact that they actually give big discounts for people who become regular members. It is astounding how you need to pay $100 to become a regular though like it is some sort of membership. You can afford their services if you have been a working employee for a long time though.

Lack of Customer Service

When you try to call them, it would be a while before someone would attend to your call. When you attempt to email them, it would also take several days for them to respond. This is all due to the lack of contact details on their website. You can never really tell if they are avoiding people though. What’s important is that you have some way of contacting them. Surely, the absence of live chat can be a bit too confusing because you can’t really tell how it would all go down to miles after service. Nobody likes to be kept waiting and it may not take you long enough to conclude that you can just forget about the lack of customer service and move on from there.


Now that you know the reviews and complaints, you will now be able to make a logical decision as to whether or not you will hire them in the future. Surely, there are a ton of other options out there if you were not out looking for what would go down when you hire this company. It can go down the wire when you try and attempt several things. The important is you get a legit service so that you won’t have to try and write your resume yourself. After all, you will need to do several things in order to be prepared for the situation. When the time is right, you can drop by and have a go at it with all the right stuff.


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