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An exemplary resume acts as a bridge between your prospective employer and you. When hiring employees or workers, most recruiters will consider checking your resume to understand more about your qualifications. Therefore, most individuals seek the best sites or writers to design top-notch resumes for their job-seeking needs. Great Resumes Fast is the best alternative to help you achieve the goal. It is a leading company with top writers who will create the best resume on your behalf. This article provides the Great Resumes Fast reviews.


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What is Great Resumes Fast?

It’s one of the leading profile writing companies that Jessica H. Hernandez started to provide top-notch services. Jessica H. Hernandez is a top writer with more than ten years of resume writing experience. Her profile writing experience comes from her deep understanding of human resources and employee hiring.

On various independent websites, the company has earned a 5-star rating and won multiple awards in the industry. The high performance and good results make it the appropriate company you can choose for your resume drafting and writing services.

Advantages of Great Resumes Fast

The company’s experience and the best services offer various advantages for your needs. Below are some of the advantages of this platform:

● Higher success rate

Apart from offering plenty and faster resume writing services, the company has a higher success rate and provides its client with quality content. Averagely, they have a 99% success rate for most clients’ projects. Most of their success results from their 100% customer satisfaction guarantee for all their clients.

● Offers various options

When looking for an excellent resume writing service, it’ll be vital to consider one that offers a wide range of options. The different services or options allow you to choose the right one that suits your job-seeking needs and budget. Great Resumes Fast offers versatility by providing various types and design options. Most of the design and writing attracts the attention of numerous hiring or recruiting managers, thus increasing your chances of securing employment.

● Enhances your security

The company offers some level of security to its customers. You’ll feel secure by giving them your details for the writing as you’re sure of positive results due to their experience and expertise in the field. After collecting the necessary information from you, you’ll be sure to get the perfect draft for your needs.

Disadvantages of Great Fast Resumes

Despite its numerous advantages to the customers, the company also has some setbacks. Below are the disadvantages of their services:

● Lack of transparency

The company doesn’t offer great transparency and security to its customers while seeking their services. You can find a list of cons using the brand’s name to con customers seeking various writing services.

● Inadequate certified writers

Great Resumes Fast doesn’t have adequate certified writers in all the industries or fields. When you explore their website, you’ll realize that not all writers are certified to provide these services in specific industries.

● Expensive

When looking for different resume writing platforms, most individuals consider the cost. However, this company has costly services, charging up to $600 per entry-level. This cost is much more than what the other companies offer for the same services.


The platforms charge individuals depending on the package or the type of resume they need. Commonly, the price ranges from $595 for the entry-level to $1399 for the c-level execs. Mostly the packages comprise a cover letter, LinkedIn, and a summary of your qualifications. Below are the standard prices for the different packages you may choose from:

● C- level: $899 – $1399

● Entry: $595 – $1595

● Professional: $699 – $1799

● Executive: $899 – $2499

Resume Writing Process

It’s usually a time-consuming and tiresome process. However, Jessica’s platform chooses the most straightforward process to draft your resume. Below is the process the company uses to draft and write resumes:

● You have to sign up to acquire their services

● You’ll receive a 60-min introductory call to assess your needs from one of their certified writers.

● Have a proper consultation appointment with the writer, discussing the resume branding.

● After getting your draft, complete the revision process by proofreading it and sending all the editions to the platform’s copyeditor.

● The company’s website states that your writer will collect your documents for review in 3-5 working days before submitting them.

● Lastly, before the platform cuts you off or presents your resume, the company allows two rounds of revision.

This platform offers a fairly standard writing process compared to other service providers. Nevertheless, unlike the other platforms, this company doesn’t allow you to fill out an intake form. Instead, they prefer having a long call to gather all the vital information before and during the process.


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Writing Team

This platform has a huge team of qualified and certified writers. According to their website, the platform picks the writers based on their experience covering over 75 industries. Notably, most of their writers have proper credentials, such as Academy Certified Resume Writer (ACRW) and Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW). The manager carefully selects the best writers to hire to provide the clients with top-quality resumes.

Customer Reviews

When choosing the right platform, it’ll be vital to consider the customer reviews and reputation. Great Resume Fast has great customer views both online and offline. On the online reputation, the company has a solid reputation on various platforms, such as Facebook, Trustpilot, and Google.

Online exposure to the public is a vital sign that shows that the company provides the best services to satisfy the customers’ needs. However, despite the numerous positive customer reviews, no company is perfect. We’ve got some negative reviews on the company and its services on the different online platforms.


A resume is a vital tool when seeking recruitment or a job. Therefore, it’ll be good to consider choosing the right company for your resume writing services. Experts recommend that you consider checking or interviewing at least three companies before choosing the one suiting your needs.

Significantly, consider the industry you’re seeking the job, your budget, and expectations. Additionally, check the company’s credibility, read the customer reviews, and if the platform guarantees quality results. Great review Fast offers the best options for your writing needs with the best features, like the writing process, a huge team of writers, and different options to choose from.



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